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Bookmark LLC. and author Bill Gray have produced a comprehensive up to date Real Estate Exam Guide testing program that is effective and easy to use. You will have unlimited access to the program for six months. Students will have complete control of the testing process, and you can choose the type of quiz or final exam you would like to take and you can customize the exams to fit your needs. In order to be better prepared for the exam, the program will track your progress showing areas of strengths and weakness. The program is updated in real-time to keep up to date with the most recent information.


The Real Estate Exam Guide contains over 1,350 multiple choice questions to help you prepare for the real estate sales or broker examination. Along with “national” questions, as a bonus, you will have the option of studying questions that address the “Arizona Specific” portion of the real estate exam. Individual real estate category quizzes allow you to test yourself with randomly selected questions. Also included are final exams to test your overall knowledge. The Real Estate Exam Guide is divided into the following areas.

    • Real Estate Principles
    • Real Estate Practices
    • National Test
    • Arizona Specific
    • Final Exams