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Over 1350 Questions NATIONAL & ARIZONA SPECIFIC, Questions and Answers to help you pass the sales or broker real estate exam. Author Bill Gray Copyright Bookmark LLC 2017


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  • Real Estate Exam Guide

    Real Estate Exam Guide contains over 1,350 multiple questions. Excellent preparation for the National and Arizona licensing exam.

    Price: $39
    Validity: 6 Months
  • Real Estate Flashcards

    Real Estate Word Power contains over 800 cross referenced flashcards that will help you pass the real estate licensing exam

    Price: $39
    Validity: 6 Months
  • Package

    Purchase both The Real Estate Exam Guide and Real Estate Word Power Flashcards at a reduced price.

    Price: $68
    Validity: 6 Months

Realestate Word Power Flashcards

Real Estate Word Power Flashcards is a unique study system that will not only give the user the definition of the word but will also display cross-reference words that you can click on to get a more comprehensive understanding of the concept.

How Flashcards work ?

Real Estate Word Power Flashcards was developed by experts in the industry to give the user a better understanding of how real estate and business terminology are interrelated. All words have a simple and concise definition.


You have the ability to select the flashcards in alphabetical order or random selection.

Our Capabilities

  • Developed By Teachers

    The Real Estate Exam Guide has beed developed by teachers with over 30 years of real estate experience

  • Testing Format

    We have the experience to offer test questions in a clear and concise format. Testing on key concepts and vocabulary that helps the student succeed in passing state exams

  • Test Development

    Our program developers have years of real estate testing experence. Preparing numerous students for exams covering both Nation and State Specific content.

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